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in health care for migrants and minorities in Europe

Health determinants and health inequalities in the Czech Republic and Norway: lessons, challenges and perspectives of cooperation
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Increasing attention is being paid in European countries to the special problems of providing accessible, appropriate, good quality health care for migrants and ethnic minorities. These problems stem from the fact that existing service provisions have been developed for majority native populations and may be ill-equipped for dealing with the needs of newcomers.

Participating countries:

Altogether, 16 countries are involved in the project. They are as follows: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom and Romania.

Czech participation:

First Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Social Medicine and Public Health.
Project team: Helena Hnilicova, PhD.; Mgr. Karolina Dobiasova


This project aims to give European health care workers access to a comprehensive body of knowledge which they can draw upon when trying to develop good practices. This will be done by setting up in each country an open-access, cumulative data base or “wiki”, which can be consulted and added to in the same way as the well-known on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia. The wikis to be developed in this project will be used by professionals, policy makers, researchers, educators and representatives of migrants and minority groups within each country, as a knowledge base and a forum for exchanging information and ideas. The sites will use the national language(s) of the country in question.
Links will also be provided to wikis in all other countries engaged in the project, so that users can look “over the border” to see what has been discovered and developed elsewhere. On a separate site, summaries in English of the “state of the art” in each country will be maintained. A central site will be maintained for issues that are not limited to one country. It is already availble on

Topics covered

  1. Background data on migrant populations and immigration policies
  2. Research findings concerning migrants’ state of health and its determinants
  3. The health system and migrants’ entitlement to health care
  4. Accessibility of health care: barriers to access
  5. Quality of care: ‘good practices’ developed to improve the matching of service provisions to the needs of migrants
  6. Policy measures undertaken to investigate and improve migrant health
  7. Resources (journals, research institutions, expertise centres, education, NGOs and user groups)

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