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B81052 Public Health and Medical Law Course schedule 6th years students General Medicine

Winter semester 2017/2018

Dates: 11.12. – 22.12. 2017
Time: 8:30 – 12:30

Place: to be specified (please check in SIS). For field visits within the Course the schedule is accomodated to an operation order in attended institutions. Students will be also devided into two groups.
Credit: One absence maximum (cannot be a field visit). Only a physician’s document regarding sickness is recognized.

Day Date Description Lecturer Note
Mon 11.12.2017 8.30 – 9.00 Introduction to the Course E.Tulupova. 9.00 – 12.30. Concept of public health, global public health. Health and health determinants. Leading causes of mortality in international context. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D. Location: Anatomický ústav, U Nemocnice 3, Praha 2: 2. mezipatro, malá posluchárna nebo Fakultní poliklinika VFN, poslucharna. Karlovo nám. 32, Praha 2 – will be specified later.
Tue 12.12.2017 Social inequalities and health. Vulnerable social groups. Social health care. PhDr. Hana Janečková, Ph.D
Wed 13.12.2017 8.30 - 10.30 Social geriatrics. Prof. Eva Topinková 10.30 - 12.30 Social pediatrics: syndrome CAN. Doc. Lubomír Kukla
Thu 14.12.2017 Basics of medical demography. Health indicators. Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.
Fri 15.12.2017 8.30 - 10.30 Migration ethnicity and health. 10.30 - 12.30 Access to health care for migrants and refugees in EU. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D. Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.
Mon 18.12.2017 Basics of medical law in EU. doc. JUDr. Tomáš Doležal, Ph.D.
Tue 19.12.2017 1st group:Field visit in the children´s recovery home :Olivova dětská léčebna Říčany u Prahy. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D. 2nd group: Field visit in the Centre of Social Services Prague 2. Prof. Eva Topinková.
Wed 20.12.2017 World health systems in international comparison, current trends. European Health Consumer Index. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
Thu 21.12.2017 Czech health system - basic principles. Cross border health care in EU member states, scope of care covered PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.
Fri 22.12.2017 8.30 – 9.15 Health promotion, disease prevention and health literacy 9.30 – 11.00 Health promotion and disease prevention in WHO programmes. 11.30 – 12.30 Conclusion, answers and questions PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.

B81165 Public Health and Medical Law – Dentistry 3rd year

General information about the subject, aims and requirements for credits

Winter semester 2017/2018

Credit: One absence maximum.
Concept of public health, definitions of health. The main health determinants. Health policy and its objectives. Evaluation of population´s health status by demographic indicators. Risk social groups. Health care systems in the international comparison. Czech health care system, organization and management. Introduction to health economics. Financing and purchasing of health services. Basics or social pediatrics and social geriatrics. Basics of health promotion and disease prevention. EU Health legislation.

Aim of the Course

On completion of the course students:

  1. - will be familiar with the population approach to the study of health and illness
  2. - will understand social and economic determinants of population health
  3. - will gain knowledge of the most important health care policy issues and their implication for practice in medicine
  4. - will be informed about models of world health systems, their financing, management and administration
  5. - will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of particular health system
  6. - will be familiar with specific social-health problems of the vulnerable social groups (elderly, children)

Obligatory literature:

  1. Fried B, Gaydos L.: World Health Systems: Challenges and Perspectives. Health Administration Press, Chicago, Illinois, AUPHA Press, Washington, D.C., 2001
  2. Detels, R., McEwen, J., Beaglehole, R., Tanaka, H.: Oxford Textbook of Public Health. Forth ed., Oxford University Press 2004
  3. Wilkinson, R., Marmot, M.: Social determinants of Health. Solid Facts. WHO. International Centre for Health. 2003.

Additional literature

  2. Beaglehole, Robert, Bonita, Ruth: Public Health at the Crossroads. Achievements and prospects. Cambridge University Press, 1997
  3. Health 21 : the health for all policy framework for the WHO European Region. European Health for All series, No. 6
  4. Health Care Systems in Transition. Czech Republic, WHO Regional Office for Europe on behalf of the European
  5. Observatory on Systems and Policies, 2005
  6. Saltman, B., Figureas J.: European Health Care Reforms: Analysis of Current Strategies, WHO, Copenhagen 1997
  7. Health at Glance OECD Health Database
Note: Teachers will also recommend additional study materials at their lectures.

Here is a photo of the 6th year students, who visited the Oliva´s child convalescent home "Olivovna" in Říčany as a part of Public Halth and Medical Law course. Everyone liked it there.


Date Description Lecturer Note
10.11.2017 Introduction to the course. The role of Public Health. International Public Health, WHO. Dental Public Health. Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D. Classes will be held every Wednesday 14 30 - 16 45 p.m. at the Institute of Public Health and Medical Law, Faust House (Karlovo nám. 40), classroom No. 13.
18.10.2017 Concept of health. Overall determinants of population health. Health policy. Health 2020. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
25.10.2017 Social inequalities and health. Vulnerable social groups Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.
01.11.2017 Basics of medical demography. Health status indicators. International comparison of health. Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D.
08.11.2017 World health systems in international comparison. Current trends. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
15.11.2017 Basics of Medica Law and EU health legislation. doc. JUDr. Tomáš Doležal, Ph.D.
22.11.2017 Legal issues in dentistry in a global context Market oriented dentistry. Stephen M. Novak, JD, LL.M, ALM
29.11.2017 Field visit: Children rehabilitation centre Olivovna. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
06.12.2017 The system of long term care (LTC) in the CR. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
13.12.2017 Selected issues in Social pediatrics. Syndrome CAN doc. MUDr. Lubomír Kukla, CSc.
20.12.2017 Czech health care systems - main principles. Health of the Czech population. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.
03.01.2018 A video documentary "Supersize Me" and discussion on global causes of obesity. Consultation for essays preparation. PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D. Lecture starts at 15.00
10.01.2018 Health promotion and disease prevention: WHO programs MUDr. Alena Šteflová, Ph.D., MPH
17.01.2018 Health promotion applied to oral public health. Conclusion. Credits PhDr. Hnilicová, Ph.D Mgr. Elena Tulupova, Ph.D. - Joomla Webdesign | XHTML 1.0 | CSS 2.0 | Back to top ^