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The field of Public Health and Medical Law is an interdisciplinary area integrating the biological, psychological and social concepts of health. Social and economic determinats of health are described and discussed.

After completing the program, students will understand fundamental principles of public health and social medicine. Students should be able to apply the population approach to the study of health and illness. They will be familiar with basics of medical demography . They will be informed about health status of the Czech population as well as about health situation throughout the Europe. Program pays attention to analysis of the health risks associated with specific characteristics of social/demographic groups, such as elderly, children, poor, handicapped, socially excluded people etc. The role of the society and government in the health care is also discussed. The program includes description and discussion of the current issues in health policy from the global and local perspective. The world and Czech health systems are discussed in terms of their organization structure, management, financing and delivery of services.

Current courses and programmes

General Medicine, Dentistry

General Medicine students can take required Public Health and Medical Law course in their sixth year of study. Course is completed by the final state examination. Public Health and Medical Law course has been also provided to students in the field of Dentistry (3rd year) in the Czech and English languages. The final examination is required.

Nursing, and other bachelor´s programmes

Course „Introduction to Public Health ” has been provided to students in the nursing and nutrion therapy programme (bachelor study). Courses are dedicated to full time students, as well as to students in the combined form of the study.

Compulsory- eligible courses offered by the Institute:

“Physician - child - family”
“Health care systems in the international comparison”
"Clinical Empathy"
"Law and Medicine"

State examination in Public Health and Medical Law:

For the state examination, at least three terms are offered in examination perion after completion of the Course. See instructions and terms on the website.


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